Gabble is an anonymous social media network where users connect with their friends for private anonymous discussion. Although you will be engaging in discussions with your friends, your posts and replies are all anonymous. Ask questions, give feedback, make suggestions, discuss life, all without the fear of embarrassment or shame.

Gabble uses the Facebook login for authentication. Click the Connect to Facebook button on the home page to sign into Gabble. The first time you do this you will then have to accept the Gabble app permissions on Facebook after clicking the connect button. Once you have done this you will be returned to Gabble and you will be signed in. All future visits to Gabble with the same browser should sign you in automatically, as long as you're still signed in to Facebook.

You can only see threads posted by your Facebook friends who are also users of Gabble. All of the threads you see on Gabble are from your Facebook friends. Within these threads you could see replies from your Facebook friends as well as from the Facebook friends of the original thread poster. Any replies you make to a thread will be seen by all of the Facebook friends of the original thread poster. If you start a new thread it can only be viewed by your Facebook friends.

No. Although you and none of your friends will ever be shown the indentity of the person behind any post, we at Gabble can see who everyone is. So be on your best behavior.

Not yet. Soon we will be launching email notification summaries. Eventually Gabble will be an iOS and Android app and notifications will be sent to your device. This will take some time to develop.

Sure! Just be sure to let them know that Gabble is still in beta and we're still testing things out.

To delete an offensive post click the ellipsis at the top-right of a post and then click "report". Alternatively, you can simply block a user from being seen by your account by following the same steps and clicking "block user".

To block a specific Facebook friends posts from being visible click the "Me" menu link and then click "block user" next to the friend's name. Alternatively, you can also click "block user" on an individual post by first clicking the ellipsis on the top-right of a post.