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Yammer is great. So is Mac OS X. Wouldn't it be even greater if there was a native Yammer client for Mac OS X? Well now there is!

Introducing Gabble, the first (and only) Yammer desktop client designed specifically for the world's best operating system. Let Windows users wrestle with that crazy Adobe Air stuff. For Mac users there's now a better way.

Gabble is written in Cocoa and Objective-C 2.0, which means it's a first class citizen of your desktop and behaves the way you expect it to. So you can spend less time frustrated by annoying UI inconsistencies and more time enjoying the social media revolution.


  • Normal and Threaded View. Display messages in a linear list or grouped into threads.
  • Groups. Support for public and private groups, including viewing messages, joining, and leaving.
  • Posting, Replying, and Private Messages. Easily update your status or reply to posts, globally or within specific groups. Send private messages directly to individual users. Autocompletion for users and tags helps you as you type.
  • Attachments. Download all attachments in a post with a single click; drag and drop files into your message for uploading. View inline images with the built-in image viewer.
  • Liking and Bookmarks. Mark messages as liked; bookmark your favorite messages.
  • Tags and Search. Add feeds of your favorite tags or saved searches directly to the sidebar for quick access.
  • Notifications. Growl support, plus optional dock badge displaying number of new messages.
  • Message Styles. Choose from different message styles, including dark and condensed themes.
  • 100% Adobe free. No Adobe Air needed.


Gabble screenshot Gabble screenshot Gabble screenshot


  • How do I enable multi-account support in Gabble?

    Gabble does not officially support multiple accounts at this time, but as of version 1.5.2 there is a workaround in that it is possible to run more than one instance of the application at once. Thus, you can have multi-account support by having each Gabble instance logged into a different account. It does require some manual setup, however, as detailed below. Also note that you will need to repeat these steps each time Gabble is updated.

    Running multiple instances of Gabble:

    1) Duplicate Gabble by selecting it in the Finder and choosing 'File' > 'Duplicate'. Rename the duplicate to whatever you want (e.g., Gabble 2)
    2) Ctrl-click the duplicate and choose 'Show Package Contents'
    3) Open 'Contents' and open the 'Info.plist' file (you can open it with TextEdit)
    4) Search for the key named 'CFBundleIdentifier'. The string will be com.erikhinterbichler.Gabble. Change this to: com.erikhinterbichler.Gabble2 (or com.erikhinterbichler.Gabble3 if it's a third instance, etc.)
    5) Save the file. You can then open the duplicate and authorize it. (Note if authorization fails, you may need to quit any other running Gabble instances before authorizing. Once authorization is completed, you can open the other Gabble instances).

Release Notes

  • Made it so that multiple Gabble instances can be run side by side without interfering with each other. This provides for 'unofficial' multi-account support, since each Gabble instance can be logged into a different account. Note for this to work properly it requires some manual setup; see the FAQ entry for more information.
  • Fixed a minor display glitch in the message feed that could occur when Gabble was launched for the very first time.
  • Fixed a bug where # anchors in links were appearing as tags.
  • Fixed a bug where every message in a thread would show a Growl notification instead of just the new message.
  • Fixed some issues relating to line breaks being stripped out.
  • Fixed a bug where the message textbox could shrink to zero height.
  • Fixed a bug where threads could show '-1 replies' under some circumstances.
  • New threaded view: now shows last two replies without expanding and is sorted based on last-reply, so threads with new replies are always on top.
  • Added support for Liking, changed Favorites to Bookmarks.
  • Added feeds for private messages and liked messages.
  • Added ability to add feeds of specific users to the sidebar.
  • Added ability to add saved searches to sidebar.
  • Usernames and tags are now detected in messages and can be clicked on to quickly add them to the sidebar.
  • Added autocomplete for usernames and tags when composing messages.
  • Messages viewed in My Feed and Company feed are now marked as read server-side.
  • Clicking a Growl notification now brings Gabble to the front.
  • Shortest refresh time has been changed from 2 minutes to 1 minute.
  • Option to bounce the Dock icon when a new message arrives in the background.
  • New sidebar icons and application icon.
  • Reply button is now accessible by VoiceOver.
  • No longer shows unnecessary Dock badge and Growl notifications when initially launched.
  • Fixed a bug where closing the main window while child popup windows were open could cause erratic window behavior.
  • Icons and usernames of RSS bots now show up correctly.
  • Fixed some potential crash-on-startup bugs.
  • Added inline image viewer.
  • Fixed problem with groups not appearing due to Yammer API change.
  • Fixed an issue where the message input field could resize down beyond the bottom of the screen while typing.
  • Addresses an issue where the window could be blank on startup.
  • Fixed broken popup for choosing download location in preferences.
  • Fixed crash on startup bug in 10.5.
  • Snow Leopard compatible.
  • Choose from several new message styles, including dark and condensed themes.
  • Clicking on user icons now presents a user info window, with ability to follow/unfollow users.
  • Support for sending private messages.
  • Private messages are now clearly marked.
  • Fixed a bug where the text field for entering text could resize too large for the window to handle.
  • Fixed a bug where attachment window could popup beyond screen edges.
  • Fixed a bug where dock badge could display the wrong number of new messages.
  • Fixed a bug where messages in private groups wouldn't show the lock icon.
  • Fixed a bug where the message list would become blank after closing/reopening the main window.
  • Fixed a bug where the progress spinner would disappear after closing/reopening the main window.
  • Fixed a bug where attachment window could accidentally popup after hiding/showing the main window.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
  • Growl support.
  • Message animations.
  • Message font size is now customizable.
  • Fixed a bug with message containers being sized incorrectly which could cause message text to be cut off.
  • Version number now shows up correctly in Finder's "Get Info" panel.
  • Modified appearance of message containers to be slightly more compact.
  • Hyperlinks now correctly show the 'hand' cursor when hovering over them.
  • Support for sending and receiving attachments.
  • Ability to add tag feeds to the sidebar.
  • Window size, window location, last selected feed, and sidebar size are now saved between launches.
  • Sidebar can now be resized to a compact icon-only view. The location of the "refresh" and "toggle threaded mode" buttons were swapped with the "+" and "-" buttons so they would still be accessible in this compact view.
  • Added a donation link in the application menu in case you'd like to support Gabble.
  • Initial release